Sunday, March 31, 2013

Creepster Cast 2013

Thank you everyone for your input on what creature might make a good sixth character for the Bindlegrim cast this year of 2013 Halloween! In fact, I have one character more than I had planned.. and so I have decided to do some special things, as far as numbering and availability... (Don't forget too that these portraits are just sneak peeks of what in future will be a four-sided candy-container lantern).

Spot #6 (regular cast member) is now taken by a creepy clown who, by one comment, appears from the sloppy make-up job to have been vivisected. This weirdo has also tarted itself up in baby blue, mauve and pink polka dots... a real carnival geek. Eek!

Number 6 in a cast of characters for Halloween 2013 by holiday artist Bindlegrim

Extra #7 (not officially part of the cast) is a haunted house with a quartet of skeletons lurking about the premises. While in general I might decide on different production amounts, depending on what might sale best - (re: devils & witches don't do so well in some states, and a clown maybe not such a hot item for Halloween (?) while in reverse of that alot of folks loved the cat)... so I'm seeing the haunted house as a very limited run at a larger size compared to the smaller six. (And just perhaps it's their six faces that will appear on the transparencies)...

Well, more details to follow. Just so happy to get these characters down as a set for the coming year! I have an inkling that there may be a Bindlegrim 2012 vintage-style Halloween lantern with the six 2013 character faces on the panes... hmmmm....

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  1. It's October 20th - yikes!

    See the latest Bindle-blog posts during these last days of October for more Bindlegrim goodies new for Halloween 2013 like vintage-style candy containers and special edition 12-sided lantern...!

    Happy Hallowe'en!


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