Sunday, March 17, 2013

Endings and Beginnings....

Time is up! And our contest has drawn to a close here at Bindlegrim's cottage casita, with lots of goodies since sent, and new ones ready to go out the door. Thank you to all for your great comments and devoted visits to this blog during the past six weeks, and hopefully there were some enjoyable tidbits, if not by me, by those who commented on the author-note series for Tall Tales Shorter Days. Given the great turnout, Bindlegrim has decided to give away two lanterns (including this week's book winner) - and this will be announced just a tad later (below the next image). Who will it be?


1) These week's book winner is: Keya

2) Lantern #1 winner is: Keya

3) Lantern #2 winner is: wickKED
(3-18 update: a 9-sided geek die awards the prize...!)

P.S. If you like what you've read during the past weeks - the author heartily appreciates your Like or Review on Amazon for the book: (in print on Amazon or Etsy) or by e-book via Kindle/iPad.

And please, if we have yet connected to get you your book from past entries, please contact bumble (at) bindlegrim (dot) com. You can check either the end of the blog entry or in closing comments for entries linked below. (Note - for a review of contest details see previous author-note entries).

*** THANK-YOU! ***

So ol' Bindle has had a great time on this book, and the contest, but he's a fidgety sort, and has been in the lab these past few weeks preparing for the coming Halloween holiday, unearthing some old designs for something stitched up and new to materialize around the corner...

Maybe you can help with a problem? The goal is to have at least 6 characters for a full set, but the skull just isn't working out, at least as of yet. Hmmmm. Maybe that's not the best character? What would you add to this set: 1) Pumpkin 2) Witch 3) Bogle 4) Cat 5) Devil and 6) ???


  1. Maybe some version of a Frankenstein or undead creature? Maybe a monster of your own creation. What you have listed pretty much covers what I think of when I think "typical" Halloween creatures, though something else that freaks me out is dolls (Especially ventriloquist dummy).

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway and fun stories. When I'm done with the book I will be leaving a review =)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Keya. I like the creepy doll/clown idea which seems kinda 50s era to me, and would fit the set nicely.
      Too much undead running around these days for my taste... but maybe some kind of old school monster would be cool, tentacles, fangs, big eyeballs... hmmmm....
      Thank you for the great input!

  3. It's October 20th - yikes!

    See the latest Bindle-blog posts during these last days of October for more Bindlegrim goodies new for Halloween 2013 like vintage-style candy containers and special edition 12-sided lantern...!

    Happy Hallowe'en!


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