Monday, December 23, 2013

Big Shiny Aluminum Tree

As the amazing 2013 draws to a close, sending you best wishes for happy holidays with some random pics of the retro-mod aluminum Christmas tree decked with fave vintage Shiny Brites. And with special guest appearances by three Johanna Parker pieces (the limited edition Snowman sitter at the bottom of the tree, and the Santa & Snowman ornaments hanging out over the stockings). If you look closely, you just might also see Red Hob & Green Hob, stars of Grim Happy Christmas hanging out on the boughs of the tree; they are enjoying this grooveshark playlist (Bindlegrim Christmas).

Feliz Navidad from casita Bindlegrim!

Simple Christmas arrangement of aluminum tree, color wheel, and Shiny Brites wishing you a merry retro-mod Christmas from Bindlegrim


  1. Love the various chromatic colorations ~ Great photos & thanks for including some of my holiday characters in the mix! They are right at home in your casita :)

    ~ Johanna

    1. We're fairly pared down here in our decorating style. :-) And I was a bit embarrassed these had none of the great holiday cheer that oozes from ever pixel of your photos! That cottage of yours has become such a great setting, and always always amazed at your eye for holiday photos. Thank you for stopping by the casita with the good words!

      Cheers to you Johanna and a very Merry Christmas!


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