Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Spirits

While snow fell here in the high desert, the Bindlegrim elves finally finished up the last bit of work on a 5/5 limited edition set of candy container gift-box lanterns! These are already making their appearance for Karmpusnacht and on various online venues over the next week for a timely arrival to their new homes well before Christmas. And the listings this time will include full and broken sets for those just trying to get their favorite character.

More news to follow and please check the Bindlegrim facebook and twitter pages for timely updates... and hopefully to include news of better availability of the retro-kitsch tomte book "Grim Happy Christmas". In the meantime - a few wintery candy-filled photos of Krampus, St. Nick, and Jack Frost. Happy Holidays!

Jack Frost, Krampus, and St Nick appear on Christmas holiday candy container lanterns by artistt Bindlegrim
Old world Christmas spirits Jack Frost, St Nicholas, and Krampus as gift box candy container lanterns by BindlegrimCandy container gift-box lanterns by Bindlegrim holiday artist and designerA limited edition packaged set of slot tab candy-container gift boxes #3/5 for Christmas by holiday artist BinldegrimCandy container lantern boxes by Bindlegrim shown here brimming with old world Christmas ribbon, coin, coal, and chocolate candies


  1. Lol when you said High Desert I almost thought you meant here in Oregon since we are the high desert and also got snow.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Krampus, it's too wonderful. How much will just the Krampus be?

    1. Hello! I just heard from another that there was ice in Oregon, and my friend is trapped! Stay safe and warm up there...! I liked snow in Seattle because everyone panicked and stayed inside - my kind of place. :-)

      Maybe we're the high "southern" desert down here? :-) I've heard it called high desert because of the elevation & snow is rather common during the winter - though it doesn't stick around long which is just absolutely fine with me. :-)

      Thank you for the good words on the cranky Krampus. I'm going to list some single characters for auction on Sunday... but not sure about fixed-priced etsy listings. I did etsy with the Halloween characters because I had a few artist proofs that were sale-worthy... but this run only has a few light test prints that aren't so great...


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