Monday, May 30, 2011

The Pumpkin Dream - eBook

Well, I've spent the last week finishing (mostly) a couple of production projects to wrap up "The Pumpkin Dream" book publishing for both print and digital release.

While I'm still going back and forth, and tweaking the Amazon/CreateSpace version of the book, I was very happy to make my way through my first electronic publishing venture of the book, now available on Smashwords! (No easy feat if you've ever tried to newly jump into a style guide and reformat your work for an almost unknowable layout - especially difficult for electronic books that are heavy on the images).

I may comment on this process in more detail later, and my exhausting experiences fighting with Mr. Pilcrow, but for now... I'm calling it a day... :-) In the meantime, please check out the ebook version (sample available on the site) which is set at a modest price of $2.99 and is different in its own right. (While the first edition on was orange/black/white, the electronic version has a black and white format).

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