Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bindlegrim's Sneak Peek Pumpkin Video

While my ultimate goal has not yet come to pass, to create an audio and/or video presentation of this book (maybe available through iTunes...?), I gave a quick go at this little promo video that covers a little under a third of the book... (continuing to play on that inspiration of graphics/animation from the 1930's, with some olde style title cards, etc., that developed from dingbats and borders in the newer version of the book that is available on Amazon).

I cringe to say it now, but I also did the music mix that is on this video. It is a not so great mix from the previous year with samples from various vintage Halloween songs, and was named after a really great short story by Peter Straub called "Pork Pie Hat" that captures the same mood of those old songs.

I, uhm, was doing a few holiday mixes at that time... but I would prefer to remix them all. Another one was for Christmas, and it featured samples from a now infamous radio interview with Joan Crawford and family... for the brave, both the Halloween and the Christmas mixes can be heard here at the moment:

Ultimately, I would love to remix them all and put some video imagery to them.... but, as my favorite mad scientist in the old Bugs Bunny cartoon says, my brain is "a wee bit small, but it will have to do"...

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