Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ghost Radio - A Skeleton Mechanical

Continuing work on animated visuals for the song Ghost Radio Part 1 (for girabbe).

For the video, I believe I have finally found a stride on the creation process - and am having fun now developing some decidedly bizarre mechanical denizens for the song. (As the musical artist put it to me, roughly translated here, this part (one) of the song is about a journey into the darkest part of the forest and the sights there). And I believe this strangely creepy mechanical device might fit right in:

(Just a note on the elements - this curious device is composed of an old vintage Skeleton wind up tin toy, old stereo equipment from the 1920's, and the background is a portion of a photo that was taken of an interior from the California ghost town, Bodhi).

Odd? Well, this project is an obvious departure from the all-ages audience of the most recent book project - "The Pumpkin Dream: A Cautionary Tale" and delves back into the worlds of Dada, and the Surrealist method of autonomic creation - to surprise even myself by what appears at the end of the process. Someday I'll have to upload more of that "fine art" - part of which is viewable on the wobblebox arts website in the category of drawing, for example:

So as for now, not even I know what strange creatures will be along the haunted travels through Ghost Radio Part One... the journey continues... and I hope you too enjoy the surprises.


  1. How interesting your site is! Thanks for the comment on my poetry. I purchased one of your books! Can't wait!

  2. Wow! Thank you!!!

    For reference I'm posting this link back to your spooky poem "The Old Hag" - and will keep an eye out for new Halloween poetry!

    Happy Halloween 2011...!!!


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