Friday, August 19, 2011

6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show

I've had some great fun this past week creating graphics for the Sixth Annual Halloween Trunk Show coming this October 8th here in Denver! Using the same beloved vintage image (inset) that's come to be a part of this show's calling card, I've shaken things up just a tiny bit with graphic touches of Halloween orange and black, to toy visually with references to the number six.

The official announcement is beginning to make its way through the Halloween channels - and more news will be coming up as more information is updated on the show's new website:

I will be there with a large batch of Hallowe'en cards (series of nine images), the glossy and standard printed editions of the Halloween poetry book The Pumpkin Dream, and a pandora's box full of vintage finds from Halloween's past. It will be my first year at this show, with some well-known names that I'm sure you will recognize below, such as my favorite local Halloween mentor: Johanna Parker...! 

See you there - and bring all of your six senses!

6th Annual HalloweenTrunk Show

Halloween Trunk Show - 6th Annual

Hosted by Sam Robinson

*** A Show for all 6 Senses ***
Featuring hand-crafted delights, vintage finds,
botanicals,and homemade treats by Erica McNeish.

When: Saturday, October 8th: 12 noon to 6 pm
Where: Leo's Garage 1563 S Pearl St., Denver 80209


~~ Vendors ~~

*Johanna Parker:


*Erica McNeish:

*Cindy Habermann: Creative Hands

*Heide Murray:

*Pearl Clothing:

*Jil Cappucio:

*Ed and Sherry Mamasian: Sticks and Things

*Rabbit Shadow Farms:

*Mysti Gulsrud: Dia De Los Muertos Jewelry

*Mr. Bumble Bindelgrim:

And last but not least:

*Sam Robinson: aka "Manorisms"
past show promoter for "Gifts for Yule" and "Spring Fling"


More information coming soon!
Please visit the website for future udpates:


  1. Looking forward to doing a Halloween show with you Aaron!.... And great job on adding your own twist to our postcard this year along with creating a fun website ~ I'm so thrilled about that :)

    Happy Haunting...
    ~ Johanna

  2. Thank you Johanna!

    I admit I'm a little worried about having everything prepped, setting up a booth, etc., having never done a show before this! Yikes! Looking forward to more to come - I've been asked a couple of times to do the vintage shows, so hope this will be good practice.

    Happily Haunted....


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