Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Punkins, Shows, and the Bindlegrim Interview!

Change is afoot...! and something is happening to the pumpkins!

In the garden the sunflowers have reached their full height, somewhere around an amazing 9 feet tall, filled with a plethora of blooms in different sizes and sometimes odd shapes, covered with pollen laden bees in a frenzy, and birds beginning to raze certain blooms that were once full of seed.

And not too far off, the Connecticut pumpkins are transforming from a green-vein texture to a bright orange... standing out brightly in the summer-dried lawn near the pale Lumina Pumpkins and the yellowish hybrids. And, no joke, as I write this, the clouds have rolled in and a quiet thunder accompanies a small bit of rain.

Summer is coming to a close folks here at Ichabod's Cottage and here are just a couple of photos:

Pumpkin Skin

Bum-kin Scars

This much orange means Halloween Artist Shows start next month!

There is a frenzy building in the Halloween community as of late. In particular, Halloween artists are putting together the last touches to work in their studios, for the various Autumn shows that will be taking place soon - including, just to name a couple, the Ghoultide Gathering and the Halloween Trunk Show. More news to follow in the coming month.


And Bindlegrim is out stirring up the word of impending Halloween 2011:

Yes, the clock is ticking down to Halloween celebrations!  And as of this writing, if you click over to Halloween Alliance, the countdown clock notes only 76 days left until Halloween!

If you are not overcome with total panic, and if you read further, as I most absolutely hope you do, you may find that Mr. Bindlegrim was lurking about in a very sincere pumpkin patch  up in the northern lands, and for such a usually retiring character, seems to have been tempted by the flavor of some very delicious pumpkin juice, to share a few words about his history, inspirations, influences, and future plans...

Be sure to read: In the Pumpkin Patch with Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim | Halloween Alliance.

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Are you prepared for Halloween 2011...? Check out Halloween Alliance for tons of ideas for celebrating the holiday, including a digitally available book to help you out called Party Halloween!

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