Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colorway: Pus and Bruise

Follow up photos for the last entry, The Horrid Decor (Unlimited Bindle), with photographs taken as both moody night shots, and as revealed by the light of day --- and with the actual lantern now constructed adding a link to availability of the first produced in this style posted on ebay.

Paper and vellum lantern made in USA for vintage-style Halloween effects by Bindlegrim

In the first few photographs, the purple, green, & black color scheme of the lantern is lit with an LED tap-light that was purchased from the local hardware store, and this type light really matches the ectoplasmic tones of this colorway, much better than an orange-tinted flicker bulb.

Vintage-style paper and vellum, purple and green, pumpkin lantern by Bindlegrim for Halloween 2012 Purple, green, and black, Halloween pumpkin pattern in vintage-style Halloween lantern by artist Bindlegrim aka Robert Aaron Wiley View of spooky glowing purple and green Halloween paper lantern in old fashioned styles by Bindlegrim

And to reveal the structure of this vintage-style Halloween lantern, here are some images during daylight (with random backgrounds). I may have to spend some time arranging this lantern the way I might picture this, fabulously styled for an olde Halloween party --- hung in the center of a room, above a table, with streamers radiating in all directions into the room like a huge spider web.

12 sided paper lanterns by Bindlegrim feature pumpkins, vines, flames, and leaf motifs Creepy pumpkin Halloween pattern by Bindlegrim on 12 sided artist-assembled lantern Hanging paper lantern by Bindlegrim features purple and green pumpkin and vine motif for Halloween 2012

And finally just a couple of image showing how this lantern compacts flatly for storage. And it's a good way to see the imagery created for this lantern (all at once) that features six vintage-styled pumpkins (based loosely on a design by Dennison) each repeated twice.

Halloween paper lantern by Bindlegrim shown here flat on a table Matt board and printed vellum on a collapsible Halloween lantern by artist Bindlegrim for 2012 season

For more images of this item, be sure to peruse The Horrid Decor on flickr. And when these lanterns arrive at the Bindlegrim shop on etsy, I'll be sure to post another entry. In the meantime, are you entertaining any thoughts about your most horrid Halloween decor this year?

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