Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Horrid Lantern Labels

Just a quick note, (following up on posts The Horrid Decor (Unlimited Bindle) and Colorway: Pus and Bruise) that the label for this particular series has been altered, to differentiate it from any limited editions. This new label features a motif of appalling pumpkins faces, bats, mice, falling leaves, and draped black crepe paper, (as well as removing any edition numbering and instead stating the "The Horrid Decor lantern design is available in standard and custom colors"). The very first of these is ending today on ebay.

While this first one get's ready for it's trip across country, somewhere, there's a batch of pane ready to create more - in a variety of window colors and window materials (on vellum as well as other specialty papers). Be sure to find more of these in the coming weeks in the Bindlegrim Etsy Shop.

Label Design (front, updated)

Label Design (back, updated)

While I must admit I sorta miss the ol' tattie bogle with glowing bindle slung over shoulder, I'm 100% positive his ugly mug will once again hop upon some slow moving project as it crosses the desert.

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